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Ah, yes, the image of the woman. From the artists, there can truly be no rival of perfect form. The women of Guam really are the amazing reflections of such a sensually lush island, with its happily tropical feel of waves taking their time to meet the shore and coconuts swaying with the wind in content. What better way, then, to dub the loveliest in their own right than vying for the title of Miss Guam.

Becoming Miss Guam (also known as Miss Earth Guam) is simply one of the early steps into eventually being announced as Miss Earth, and is completely different from being crowned Miss Universe Guam.
Only in 2007 has Guam officially been able to take part of the Miss Earth franchise. To date, there have only been two Miss Guam titleholders, the island being a new addition to the roster of Miss Earth hopefuls. The title denotes not only physical beauty (although without the shadow of a doubt the women that compete are endowed with a generous helping of it), but also awareness of the issues that riddle the world today, placing immense emphasis on the environmental aspect.

A Miss Guam titleholder is expected not only to smile and wave at crowds, but also to take active participation in programs and activities designed to promote awareness in the aim of protecting and preserving the environment—truly beauties for a cause!

Alongside the supreme title of Miss Guam, there are also other elemental awards that are given out: Miss Air, Miss Water, Miss Fire, and Miss Eco-Tourism.

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