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Contrary to what some people may say, beauty pageants are not merely an excuse for women to parade their bodies for overly hormonal men all over the globe, a major tool of the patriarchal society. On the contrary, beauty pageants can actually be seen as powerful weapons of feminist thought.

There are several beauty pageants being held at any given time, from small community gatherings aiming to get a few more dollars for some charity or another to the grandiose scales of the Miss Universe and Miss Earth pageants, and very rarely do these pageants focus merely on contestants’ bodily features. Beauty pageants sometimes feature the talents of their contestants, be it accorded to musicianship, dance, or perhaps other forms of art and skill. In fact, the talent portion makes for quite a significant percentage of the contestants’ overall scores.

Another common facet of the typical beauty pageant is the question and answer portion. No, these are not only concerned with the woman’s favorite food or color, but are heavily grounded in the day’s social, environmental, economic, and political issues, thus demonstrating that beauty pageants promote not just awareness, but also voicing out powerful and valid opinions based on the facts.

Admittedly, some beauty pageants do feature swimsuit and evening gown portions, but these function as the contestant’s way of promoting physical wellness as well as traditional airs of feminine grace. Besides, the question and answer portion is usually more talked about by everyone than the fabrics of the evening gown.
More than all that, beauty pageants also promote cultural awareness, as worldwide contests bring in a myriad of different minds, thus creating not a sense of mere tolerance, but an actual celebration of the human species’ cultural diversity.

Truly, beauty pageants bring the world so much closer to celebrating Utopia, and the image of the woman holds the flag, charging into the improvement of world relations through the beauty of her entirety.

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