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In the search for the supreme image of the American woman, Miss USA has been in the game since 1952, hoping to find the best woman to make the country proud in the Miss Universe Organization. Unlike the Miss Earth competition, which devotes its attention to the promotion of environmental awareness (although undoubtedly admirable), the Miss USA pageant is in the hunt for the country’s perfect balance of beauty and brains, particularly well-versed in today’s global issues.

Though there are admittedly the swimsuit and evening gown competitions to be prepared for, the pivoting point of the entire competition rests on that one question, and the make-or-break answer that the ideally quick thinking contestant is to give. Questions are usually about society, the general economy, or perhaps even the impending issues of politics, all of which require of the contestant informed and firmly resolute responses.
It should be apparent now that the Miss USA pageant is also concerned with educating fully deserving young women; it is also known to hand out scholarships to winners.

It is then known that the Miss USA pageant strives always to help women become more than just dolls on display; intelligence of opinion is of severely prime importance. What is important for the aspiring Miss USA is that she is well-rounded—a precise calibration of beauty and brains. Those that win the title are then tasked not only with representing the country in the Miss Universe pageant, but also to become an integral part of society-improvement projects all over the country.

Miss USA then becomes the perfect image of today’s American woman: beautiful, intelligent, and relentless in her beliefs.

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