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The title of Miss Universe is the ultimate of beauty pageants, with now the entire globe acting as one scrutinizing critic of the world’s most gorgeous and wonderfully intelligent women. Representatives from countries all over the world are the contestants, a final contest to determine which one best represents the image not only as women from their respective countries, but is the full realization of the female side of our entire species.

Similarly, the Miss Universe pageant aims to promote the uplifting of women from their past roles as simply second to the dominant male; the women that compete in the Miss Universe pageants are headstrong, resolute, well-informed, and are known to intelligently voice out their undeniably valid opinions, all with the goal of creating a just and free society.

Since 1952, the Miss Universe Organization has undertaken the mission of selecting women all over the world to become the ultimate symbol of perfect womanhood, and they have yet to fail. Titleholders are tasked for the entirety of their term to be agents in completely humanitarian programs, and this is so much more than just smiling for the cameras at the local charity center.

This year’s Miss Universe Guam is Racine Manley, who has been holding the title just a little over a month now, ready to be gracefully fierce in the Miss Universe competition late in August 2009 to be held in the Bahamas.

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